Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow Day

At 6am we still had a two hour delay. Ahhh, I snuggled back under the comforter and back into a warm, fluffy, blissful sleep. At 7am I checked again and schools were closed. We had before us an official snow day! By 8:30 the Tribe was fed and we were out the door. Kids, cats, dogs, we all joined in.

It was a day for kids to totally immerse themselves in the joy and purity of freshly fallen snow and childhood. It was a day for parents and grandparents to revel in the joy of family. It was just a totally awesome, amazing, blessed day.

Grandma's Teddy Dog above, the Tribe below:

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Marching Mouse

In her first parade with the school band Mouse marched, and played and marched some more. It sounded great and she didn't fall down, over the kid in front of her or throw up. I think I would have done all three. Way to go Mouse!

♥x♥x Tinkerbell - Who said ♥x♥x

Another sent to me with a "look Mommy, it's you and your song". I guess though the eyes of my kids I can be 10 feet tall. Thanks guys.